თავისუფალი კაკაჩა ვარ მე

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სიახლეები არის ჩემს გარშემო და თანაც, რავარი, მეზარება ხოლმე რო ვწერო და უსაქმური კი არ გეგონოთ 😀

კახეთში ვიყავით ექსპედიციაში: პატარა ტბა, კოჭების ტბა, ოზაანის ტბა და იორის ხეობა დავსამფლეთ. კიდე რაღაცა ღელეები და რაღაცა “წუმპე”. სინჯების აღებისას ძალიან გვეხმარებოდა თოკო, რომელიც გასაოცარი ინტერესით ეძებდა “ფსიხოფტერებს” ქვების ქვეშ და სინჯებს ნამდვილი კოლეგასავით იღებდა, რეცხავდა, აბინავებდა… ძალიან სასიამოვნო იყო თოკოსთან ერთად მუშაობა

პატარა ტბა ძალიან ლამაზი იყო, თუმცა საშინლად ბევრი ქინქლა იყო ნაპირზე და საზიზღრობა იყო, ყველგან გიფრინდებოდნენ და ბოტები რო გავიხადე ბოტებშიც კი ჩაფრენილან და ფეხზე ზედ შემომომსრესოდნენ და სულ გასრესილი ქინქლები მქონდა წინდებზე და შარვალზე 😦 Eeew…. პატარა ნახევარკუნძული შედიოდა ტბაში, იმას შემოუარეთ მე და ანიმ ძალიან დიდი ინტერესი მქონდა რა ხდებოდა იქ, რაღაც ბაღივით იყო და მიტოვებული აშენებული შენობა… გადამწვარი ლელიანები გარშემო… უცნაური იყო…

კაკაჩები…. კაკაჩები Everywhere….
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Ja jsem chitra divka

Heeeey, I am in a very goood mood today, Yeeey  😀 #blessed 

დიახ, ბატონო.

Okay, Do you remember that I told you we are working on an article and I am doing it well (I think so :D).

Wanna hear the good news?

So, listen: Our co-author for this article will be Lukas!!!! Great right?

I am so excited, its very important for me, you know, I am going to continue study in Prague, under the supervision of Lukas, and co-supervising (I don’t know if this word is correct 😀 Ale, anyway, I have lots of mistakes in my writings (did you noticed, I wrote “Ale”- “But” in Czech (littel things make me happy)))  of Bella,

I am lucky, I am happy, I am good, I am nice, I am coooooool 😉


Have a bad day


Today I went to Public library to find 2 or 3 publications about rivers Mtkvari an Rioni. I have to write brief summary about its ichtiophauna, as Bella ask. After, there was no computer free, so I started to make another fish samples (not Javakheti) in order.

I really need my own computer and I am in a bad mood because of this. I don’t wanna depend on someone or something ;(

Bye for now

P.S. two of our goldfishes have died ;(



Love when everything is in order

Hey, how are you?

I am good.

Thank you 😀

On Monday I went to the uni, but the computer I am working on, was busy, working on another computer is uncomfortable for me, coz, I have all my materials, files and programs in there (and very important DROPBOX). Moving the files and installing new programs to another computer is non sense. I prefer to work in one space. Instead I started to carry about our fish materials, some of them needed to change an ethanol, so I did it. Bella gave me a money, in order to send genetic materials to Prague to Lukas. Next day I did so, and decided not to go to the uni, coz, there would be no possibility to work on a computer. Then I agreed with my collague, and we arranged a time schadule. Bla bla bla… nothing interesting….

Today, Bella ask me to make a list of our materials of Javakheti fishes. Like catalogue, mark them individually with codes, and to stick a descriptions about the material like place, species and so on… here is a pic of what I did. I still have to stick the descriptions on the conteiners, also, I have to do somthing for bella,  measure a fish age an morphological parameters and tatatatatatat papapapapa raratatata …. in the and everyone was satisfied.

Levan will be happy 😀

Work, work, work, work work, work….

I have not posted anything for such a long time, thats because I was busy, had lots of things to do.

During 2 days I was measuring fish lengh in photoshop (imagine 313 individuals. I measured only TL, and have to measure another features, like SL, HL, ED… et. al. 😀 😀 :D). Levan helped me to install imageJ at our office, and day by day… I am learning and improving my skills 😀

During another 2 days – reading a book, wanted to write an introduction for our future article, but I have written only 2 or 3 sentences 😦

And another 3 days – till now – counting a fish age (around 300 indibiduals scale are waiting to be counted). Hahaha, by the way there are prases which I made up, while countin fishs age, I do not know how it would be in English, considering that no one is reading my blog, I wont try ro explain. 😀  Continue reading

Back from the vacation

Hello fisheries world,

Finally I am back after my 2 week vacation.

Yesterday was my firs working day, I started to prepare a report of my master research project. I have finnished collecting the documents and signatures already, and tomorrow I have to leave it at Rustaveli Foundation.

Beside this I was sad today, Because my participation in Bellas project has finished, and now I am like free, however I have to do lots of things (like working on our article and Ph.D. topic). I was sad and disappointed about the news, but during working at our lab Bella ask me if I would like to go to Romania, to attend a training about dolphins investigations, with her. Of course I want, because I had some experience. Why not? We will see what happens next.  Continue reading