Huge cultural differences between Sakartvelo and Česko

Hi everybody I hope y’all doing well.

In this post I wanna write about my impressions about Czech people.

If you’re following my blog you may have found some topics about cultural differences in each posts. But for this time, the entire post is gonna be about the differences between Kartvelis and Czechs.  Continue reading


Me, my supervisor and Tanja, the bike

Dobry den,

I did not have time to write because there are so many things going on… I could not even contact my mom these days. Some so called “administrative” things took so long, and yeah, I am still in the process… Every day I have a lot of things to do and it’s never over. it goes again and again. This is how new student life in the new country looks like. Very confusing at the beginning, BTW. Until I’ll get used to the new life regime I have to disturb my supervisor all the time.  But It should be emphasized that he is something different, I mean something different from common professors. I bet you can’t even imagine professor, fixing the bike for the student, making effort to change a tire and not only.  Which professor will do so in Georgia? Several times a day I run to his office. But I’m so lucky that he understands me and I don’t have to feel guilty that I disturb him. He is capable to discuss everything with me. This is why I appreciate him so much. I really don’t know what I could have done without his help. I just did not know how all this effort can be paid him back, and asked him. He had a simple answer to this: by just writing well. So I will do my best, what he does expect from me.

So far I have chosen some subjects, as follows: 2 Languages: Czech and English; 2 Special seminars; Fisheries; Fish ethology; Statistics; Genetics and Biological invasions. Last two courses are taught at the Charls Univeristy. So I have a possibility to attend the courses outside CZU as well.

After completing the courses additional money will go to my bank account. This is how students are treated here. But anyway it absolutely depends on students.

P.S. we have called my bike Tanja after the Czech interpretation of my Georgian name 😀 😀 😀


People at our department do care about me

I am very happy today! Although I was exhausted of cleaning others shit in the evening, morning turned up to be pleasant. In the previous post I wrote that I would gave the list of needed stuff Lukash, and yes, I did it. So when I came in the morning at my office, I saw the blow drier at my desk. I wanted it so much (I asked my roommate to borrow me a fan but she told me that her fan was out of order so I had to spend one more night without it). After this, the presents started to come to me 😀 I got cups; spoon, knife etc. and even the office stuff starting from pen to tape 😀 and what’s important I got very cozy, stylish and worm coat from colleague of Lukash. I like it so much and the fact that I don’t have to waist 2000 CZK on coat, makes me the happiest !!!!!

Yesterday I did not have anything so now I have almost everything 😀 It is amazing how people do care about foreigner student. I would like to say thanks again to these nice people from the department.

IDK what I could have done without their help.

There are still some activities which have to be done and we are trying to sort everything out step by step.

The picture of the day: enjoy 😀


თავისუფალი კაკაჩა ვარ მე

გამარჯობა! Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, sky, cloud, grass, outdoor and nature

სიახლეები არის ჩემს გარშემო და თანაც, რავარი, მეზარება ხოლმე რო ვწერო და უსაქმური კი არ გეგონოთ 😀

კახეთში ვიყავით ექსპედიციაში: პატარა ტბა, კოჭების ტბა, ოზაანის ტბა და იორის ხეობა დავსამფლეთ. კიდე რაღაცა ღელეები და რაღაცა “წუმპე”. სინჯების აღებისას ძალიან გვეხმარებოდა თოკო, რომელიც გასაოცარი ინტერესით ეძებდა “ფსიხოფტერებს” ქვების ქვეშ და სინჯებს ნამდვილი კოლეგასავით იღებდა, რეცხავდა, აბინავებდა… ძალიან სასიამოვნო იყო თოკოსთან ერთად მუშაობა

პატარა ტბა ძალიან ლამაზი იყო, თუმცა საშინლად ბევრი ქინქლა იყო ნაპირზე და საზიზღრობა იყო, ყველგან გიფრინდებოდნენ და ბოტები რო გავიხადე ბოტებშიც კი ჩაფრენილან და ფეხზე ზედ შემომომსრესოდნენ და სულ გასრესილი ქინქლები მქონდა წინდებზე და შარვალზე 😦 Eeew…. პატარა ნახევარკუნძული შედიოდა ტბაში, იმას შემოუარეთ მე და ანიმ ძალიან დიდი ინტერესი მქონდა რა ხდებოდა იქ, რაღაც ბაღივით იყო და მიტოვებული აშენებული შენობა… გადამწვარი ლელიანები გარშემო… უცნაური იყო…

კაკაჩები…. კაკაჩები Everywhere….
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Ja jsem chitra divka

Heeeey, I am in a very goood mood today, Yeeey  😀 #blessed 

დიახ, ბატონო.

Okay, Do you remember that I told you we are working on an article and I am doing it well (I think so :D).

Wanna hear the good news?

So, listen: Our co-author for this article will be Lukas!!!! Great right?

I am so excited, its very important for me, you know, I am going to continue study in Prague, under the supervision of Lukas, and co-supervising (I don’t know if this word is correct 😀 Ale, anyway, I have lots of mistakes in my writings (did you notice, I wrote “Ale”- “But” in Czech (littel things make me happy)))  of Bella,

I am lucky, I am happy, I am good, I am nice, I am coooooool 😉


I’ve got my own space !

I have not posted here so long, 

I’m sorry.

The presentation was OK. Presentations of Sofia and Jana was cool, I was the last presentator, half of the audience had listened to my presentation already, and they were not listening to my Bla bla bla, and half was very tired of hearing about Ephemeropteras and Oligochetas, and they were not listening as well 😀

Yesterday, I got scholarship from Rustaveli Science foundation, and I waste all this money to buy a note book. Continue reading