I have not posted here for such a long time. I did not do anything to post about, actually :D. I am wasting my time on my friends, and relatives and I am not doing my own Job! Its crazy, but true, I don’t wanna pretend that I am doing everything fast.

Ближе к делу  (Close to the business):

I started to make a fish collection again. You ask me, why?  Continue reading

I am alive

I did not post here anything SO long…. My computer was working with noise and diagnostics took 5 working days + plus 2 days 😀

I got a fever. I am NOT wondering why ? 😀

That’s why I stay at home.

OK. very fun moment: I was working, cheking Carassius scales, 😀 and at this time was listening to random music, on Youtube 😀 😀 suddenly started another music, very acquainted voice, I skip scales, wanted to see who was singin’ this song 😀 I am laughing because the singer was my favorite Imany, and it was remix by someone & Karas 😀 😀

this was a sign my life is completly connected to Karas 😀 witch in Czech means Carassius fish 😀 And in Georgian also 😀 😀 😀 Continue reading

I’ve got my own space !

I have not posted here so long, 

I’m sorry.

The presentation was OK. Presentations of Sofia and Jana was cool, I was the last presentator, half of the audience had listened to my presentation already, and they were not listening to my Bla bla bla, and half was very tired of hearing about Ephemeropteras and Oligochetas, and they were not listening as well 😀

Yesterday, I got scholarship from Rustaveli Science foundation, and I waste all this money to buy a note book. Continue reading

Have a bad day


Today I went to Public library to find 2 or 3 publications about rivers Mtkvari an Rioni. I have to write brief summary about its ichtiophauna, as Bella ask. After, there was no computer free, so I started to make another fish samples (not Javakheti) in order.

I really need my own computer and I am in a bad mood because of this. I don’t wanna depend on someone or something ;(

Bye for now

P.S. two of our goldfishes have died ;(



Iliauni Science picnic

How you doin’?

I am good, On Friday I bought 5 goldfishes. Now we have them in aquarium at our lab, they are so beautiful and nice. We still do not have a filter, and I am afraid they wont be in a good condition 😦

Next day, there was a Science picnic. We brought fishes, dragonfiles, and crayfishes there. Many interested children were coming, asking what was the species, I explained where they were distributed, why do they have such a body form, how they live, mature, etc. they were excited. they asked most frequently if this fishes were alive, 😀 one kid said that fishes were sleeping 😀 He was too cute ❤

Giorgi was standing next to me end telling kids about the dolphins, 😀

I was talking during whole day and in the end I was very tired and couldnot talk or walk, I just fall asleep at 20:00.

P.S. our minister of education visited us, and he was listening to me while I was telling about fishes, distributed in Georgian waters.


Love when everything is in order

Hey, how are you?

I am good.

Thank you 😀

On Monday I went to the uni, but the computer I am working on, was busy, working on another computer is uncomfortable for me, coz, I have all my materials, files and programs in there (and very important DROPBOX). Moving the files and installing new programs to another computer is non sense. I prefer to work in one space. Instead I started to carry about our fish materials, some of them needed to change an ethanol, so I did it. Bella gave me a money, in order to send genetic materials to Prague to Lukas. Next day I did so, and decided not to go to the uni, coz, there would be no possibility to work on a computer. Then I agreed with my collague, and we arranged a time schadule. Bla bla bla… nothing interesting….

Today, Bella ask me to make a list of our materials of Javakheti fishes. Like catalogue, mark them individually with codes, and to stick a descriptions about the material like place, species and so on… here is a pic of what I did. I still have to stick the descriptions on the conteiners, also, I have to do somthing for bella,  measure a fish age an morphological parameters and tatatatatatat papapapapa raratatata …. in the and everyone was satisfied.

Levan will be happy 😀