Too many good things happened to me!

I don’t even remember when I posted here last time. It’s been a while.

But, Ok, now I am here and I am happy.  Continue reading


ჩემი აზრები Fb-საზოგადოებაზე და ხორცის ჭამაზე

ამ ბოლოდროს თითქოს სიბრძნის ეტაპი მაქვს და ჩემს გარშემო მიმდინარე მოვლენებზე, საკუთარი აზრი ჩამომიყალიბდა, როცა ადრე ეს საკითხები უბრალოდ არც მადარდებდა. ხოდა მინდა ერთად მოვუყარო თავი ამ ჩემს აზრებს. ძრითადად ეს აზრები ეხება ჩემს საზოგადოებას.

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Ja jsem chitra divka

Heeeey, I am in a very goood mood today, Yeeey  😀 #blessed 

დიახ, ბატონო.

Okay, Do you remember that I told you we are working on an article and I am doing it well (I think so :D).

Wanna hear the good news?

So, listen: Our co-author for this article will be Lukas!!!! Great right?

I am so excited, its very important for me, you know, I am going to continue study in Prague, under the supervision of Lukas, and co-supervising (I don’t know if this word is correct 😀 Ale, anyway, I have lots of mistakes in my writings (did you notice, I wrote “Ale”- “But” in Czech (littel things make me happy)))  of Bella,

I am lucky, I am happy, I am good, I am nice, I am coooooool 😉


Sometimes “R” drives me crazy !

Привет всем, хотя никто ни читает мой блог 😀 Но, всё же : я люблю расказывать о моих проблемах кому-то 😀

I love working with statistic program “R”. yeah its my favorite. However it makes me cry :D. I don’t understand what am I doing wrong, sometimes it works pretty well, sometimes……………. very bad

I love to write scripts, because, after some time I don’t remember anything 😀 I work with the same script with 2 different txt files. In first case it does work, in another case, it does not !

I want to make linear regression in order to get b coefficient from length-weight relationships.

Look at this when I put 1st txt file: Continue reading

I have not posted here for such a long time. I did not do anything to post about, actually :D. I am wasting my time on my friends, and relatives and I am not doing my own Job! Its crazy, but true, I don’t wanna pretend that I am doing everything fast.

Ближе к делу  (Close to the business):

I started to make a fish collection again. You ask me, why?  Continue reading

I am alive

I did not post here anything SO long…. My computer was working with noise and diagnostics took 5 working days + plus 2 days 😀

I got a fever. I am NOT wondering why ? 😀

That’s why I stay at home.

OK. very fun moment: I was working, cheking Carassius scales, 😀 and at this time was listening to random music, on Youtube 😀 😀 suddenly started another music, very acquainted voice, I skip scales, wanted to see who was singin’ this song 😀 I am laughing because the singer was my favorite Imany, and it was remix by someone & Karas 😀 😀

this was a sign my life is completly connected to Karas 😀 witch in Czech means Carassius fish 😀 And in Georgian also 😀 😀 😀 Continue reading