Finally I’m at CZU


I got to CZU, this was what I was waiting for so long and I am so excited to be here. I went to Staromestska to change money and I had a wonderful feeling, I really missed Prague โค but I have to tell you that I got here through a difficult AF way. Let me tell in details.

I was supposed to leave Tbilisi at 16:35 but the flight to Kiev delayed for 2 hours andย  gradually, I was realizing that, I might be late for the other flight to Prague, and I started crying when the plane took off.ย  Actually, I cried because I did not have such experience and I did not know what I was supposed to do. I told flight attendance that I had another flight and he informed me that he would tell it a pilot, so that the pilot could call in the company and ask someone to wait for me. 10 minutes before landing, I asked him again, what would be next and he said that there will be someone outside waiting for me and I would be transferred directly to the flight to Prague which had to take off at the same time as my plane landed, so it was obvious that it was impossible and it was a whole bunch of non-sense.

As expected, no one met me. It was absolutely impossible to catch up the plane which had already took off. I cried again, but luckily, I asked help and I was given new ticket for next morning and somewhere to sleep. I was transferred to the hotel, which was Ok, I had a dinner and coffee with Borjomi :D. But still, I was very disappointed.

Next morning the guy, who should transfer me to the airport came late and there was a huge traffic on the way. It was highly probable that I would miss the plane again. I was irritated. After all, I went through, It was too much. Finally we got to the airport 30 minutes late and I was on time for boarding.

And, Finally I flew to Prague. Lukash picked me up, and everything started to sort out. He accommodated me (I’ll tell about it later), then he showed me my working room (office) it was empty and I had possibility to choose the best place for work. And we chose the best one ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m so lucky!

In the evening we walked and had conversation regarding to my future work. There were a lot of information, lot of things to do. After a lazy summer this would be A LOT!

So I have to prepare the study plan till the 20ies of October, It means that I should start writing more information regarding to my PhD research and it is a lot of work. Oh, BTW, Lukash told me that I will be taught the Czech language, which is a quite big challenge for me! In addition to this I will teach other students some ichthyological topics in English and this is another challenge in my life. And this is not all, I have to get involved in a project writing which will be oriented on identification of invasive species…ย  etc, etc….

Besides, this I had to do 1000000000 activities here at Uni. For example I had to register for accomodation; to get stamp on my records book (this is something new for me and I don’t even know if it is a records book ๐Ÿ˜€ they gave me some little journal); to activate my student card; to connect to internet at the dormitory and at the office as well (but I did not manage it); to update my university system login, to get phone number and lot’s of other boring stuff. And this procedures took 2 days.

Now I am sitting with my computer, everyone is asking how I am, where I am… so writing the post is the best way to inform lot of people at the same time.

I’m sorry, I forgot that I promised to talk abut my room at the student dormitories ๐Ÿ˜€ I laugh because I chose the building ‘A’ when I did registration online, I was assigned at the dormitory ‘BCD’ and when I came here they sent me to the dormitory ‘G’ ๐Ÿ˜€

I live with Ukrainian girl Anja, she’s sweet and cute, very helpful. I like her, but she’s leaving before the end of October. The room is Ok but the plugs did not work, no facilities and even more the fridge is cramped with the mouldy food, which the previous resident left there and there is total filthiness going on ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I went to the shop and brought some cleaning materials, gloves etc….ย  Wish me a luck. EEEEEW…..

I don’t have anything here and I worry about it. Lukash asked me to write everithing down in the list and give it to him so that he could distribute it and collect some needed thing for me. Is not he so generous? at the begining I hesitated but here is nothing to hesitate, I do need To get some stuff. Why not? I think this is something different from Georgia. Of courrse I’ve never hasitated to ask my friend to give me something I wanted, even more I like to get my friends second hand stuff but IDK why I felt shy when it was about to collect things in the University for me. People think differently here and I have to gave up thinking like KARTVELI (Gแƒฆruzin). We will see. If you are reading please tell me what do you think.

Ok moving on….

Ohhh…. how was it possible to not to write about the bike which is waiting for me to cycle ๐Ÿ˜€ I chose pink, girly one with the basket behind. So I can carry things with me !

I am way to lucky ! aren’t I ? ๐Ÿ˜€

I think it was too much to wrote and it is too much to read so if you are still reading, here we came to the end and I would like to say thank you very much for reading. I know that I am not fluent in English but I think it was understandable.

See you





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