I’m so proud of myself

Hi there,

I’m having a very good time with my computer and google docs and sheets 😀 and all the process of writing a manuscript of a scientific paper. I felt a satisfaction towards myself, while I was writing the manuscript.

It doesn’t seem to me as difficult as it did in the past when I was inexperienced in writing and was afraid of everything… I felt that practice did its job and made me perfect. I know I’m not the perfect, I’m not even an average writer, but anyway I have progress and this makes me feel so happy! You know that very little things make me happy! 

I started this day very early. I woke up at 7:00 in the morning (It’s early for me because I don’t have to go to Uni early, it’s OK to be there at 12:00 but I often go lately). Then I met Giorgi in Metro, we went to Vake we had to guide students, who wanted to watch birds, because it was an international day of Biodiversity or something like this and Giorgi was asked to guide (he’s pretty good in ornithology). But it was very Sunday, early, cold, raining. But we went anyway. We got to turtle lake by cable way, then on foot to ethnographic museum. No one came and we went back to turtle lake to explore. We accounted about 20 bird species and one squirrel, captured them and later we joined our collage who was supposed to guide another group of students, but no one came there like in our case.

I came home and started to work on manuscript, becaImage may contain: plant, tree and outdooruse I had prepared the results of some analysis and I had to write them in there.

Oh, sorry I have to go back to my work 😉



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