Too many good things happened to me!

I don’t even remember when I posted here last time. It’s been a while.

But, Ok, now I am here and I am happy. 

I did lots of “great things” for example: I started to prepare in English. 3 times a week I go to my English classes. And what’s good is that I have English speaker teacher from Wales, who I look up to very much! Day by day I feel that I am getting better. She asked me to prepare topic about something and I prepared little paper about world freshwater resources, she said it was fantastic, I was proud.

Another good thing is that I collected all required documents and sent them to CZU. I was given so nice recommendations that they have no way to reject me. I can’t wait to hear the results! Let’s hope that everything will be as I planned.

One more good thing- I created a Facebook group about fishes of Georgia, at the beginning it seemed to be a good idea, I became friends with several fisher guys, but sometimes I start doing something and then give up in the middle process.

Do you think it is all?

Neah, not yet. listen:

We finished our article and sent it to journal. Is not it a great news? I am excited, because it’s my first scientific article, with my 3 supervisors and they let me to be the first author. Collaboration was so good!

I am so motivated that I started to write another scientific article. Crazy right? the authors will be the same I think, me and my supervisors 😀 so many good things happening to me<3

But still….. this is not the end!!!!

We have to write one more article which we’ve started but could not complete yet because there are so many confusing stuff, I do not know… 😀 it’s already been a year since we started to write it but it’s still in process.

And one more news. I was asked to give a presentation about Bella’s project. We had a repetition the day before the presentation, I was exhausted and I failed at the repetition. It was total disaster. I was hopeless. I left Uni at 7. and went to my friend who informed me that she was pregnant and there was no way… I had to see her. I came back home late and I was so exhausted that I went to bed immediately. Next morning I had to present my part. While my colleagues was talking I started revising my part. And you can’t believe what happened, I was so confident and so calm that I present my part almost perfect! the only one thing that I did not like in my presentation was, my body language 😀 I was moving my hands to much. Can you imagine how lucky I am ?

I think it’s all.

Bye bye!




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