I have not posted here for such a long time. I did not do anything to post about, actually :D. I am wasting my time on my friends, and relatives and I am not doing my own Job! Its crazy, but true, I don’t wanna pretend that I am doing everything fast.

Ближе к делу  (Close to the business):

I started to make a fish collection again. You ask me, why? 

Because that was badly organized collection. Levan Told me how to do: a normal database of fish collection should contain an information about the species (code, species name, locality, date collected, number of individuals, coordinates, sex, habitat description, fixation, remarks). Fishes from one locality should be packed separately, In one container, each packet should have its one and only code. For example I have a container for Alburnoides, I put there different packets full of the fishes collected at one locality, each packet contains the same Alburnoides species fishes but collected from different locality and/or different date, each packet has its own code  ( It was difficult to get, even for me, I asked about it for Levan several times :D). Of course I put these codes on the top of the container, in order to know whats inside.

I fill out an excell file with this codes and an information. that’s it: a database.

I started to sort Javakheti lakes fishes first, because I know them best 😀 I am afraid when Gobios turn will come :D.

At this time I’am working on our future article with Bella and Levan.

Almost forgot about Carassius ;(

Oh, I have a bad news and don’t know what to do, maybe you know. Then let me know.

The problem is tha I have counted fish ages (with an images of the scanned scales) for 2 samples. 1st with 313 individuals, and 2nd with 69 individuals. I was interesting and made a regression line for age and the total length of a fish. As a result I got very bad correlation for 1st sample (0.4) and good (0.9) for 2nd one.

Wait, the story is not over,

I showed my results to Levan, and he said that this is also a result (not bad). From this graphs we can say that maybe the length is distributed very unevenly within age classes but…. there are the picks of TL, which fish can reach (maximum) at the age.


I choose randomly some individuals to compare the results of counting by  microscope to counting by pictures. Totally all 12 individuals were choosen.

I cleaned the scales with weak NaOH solution, washed into water and let them to dry, then I looked at it with binocular, recorded ages on paper…. Only 2 individuals ages were matching. Others were not ! (difference was-+1 year)

JESUS why ????????

Maybe counding a fishs age is not my business I have to give up!





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