I am alive

I did not post here anything SO long…. My computer was working with noise and diagnostics took 5 working days + plus 2 days 😀

I got a fever. I am NOT wondering why ? 😀

That’s why I stay at home.

OK. very fun moment: I was working, cheking Carassius scales, 😀 and at this time was listening to random music, on Youtube 😀 😀 suddenly started another music, very acquainted voice, I skip scales, wanted to see who was singin’ this song 😀 I am laughing because the singer was my favorite Imany, and it was remix by someone & Karas 😀 😀

this was a sign my life is completly connected to Karas 😀 witch in Czech means Carassius fish 😀 And in Georgian also 😀 😀 😀


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