I’ve got my own space !

I have not posted here so long,ย 

I’m sorry.

The presentation was OK. Presentations of Sofia and Jana was cool, I was the last presentator, half of the audience had listened to my presentation already, and they were not listening to my Bla bla bla, and half was very tired of hearing about Ephemeropteras and Oligochetas, and they were not listening as well ๐Ÿ˜€

Yesterday, I got scholarship from Rustaveli Science foundation, and I waste all this money to buy a note book.

OMG I have my own computer !!!! and I am motivated!!!

Do you remember ย I was annoyed to use others computers… now I got it, it’sย mine, that’s why I always say “I AM VERY LUCKY!!!


Oh, one more thing, I got very fluffy notebook from my sister โค I am thinking: what to use for? what to write?

PS. I have finished my work on river Mtkvari literature overview, and now I have to do the same with riv. Rioni. it’s 60 pages. I want to give it to Bella by tomorrow. Weย will see, Ok. Bye for now


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