Back from the vacation

Hello fisheries world,

Finally I am back after my 2 week vacation.

Yesterday was my firs working day, I started to prepare a report of my master research project. I have finnished collecting the documents and signatures already, and tomorrow I have to leave it at Rustaveli Foundation.

Beside this I was sad today, Because my participation in Bellas project has finished, and now I am like free, however I have to do lots of things (like working on our article and Ph.D. topic). I was sad and disappointed about the news, but during working at our lab Bella ask me if I would like to go to Romania, to attend a training about dolphins investigations, with her. Of course I want, because I had some experience. Why not? We will see what happens next. 

Then I opened my Gmail, my Czech professor sent an mail to me with details about my study at CULS, I was little bit nervous when thinking about my future: how to deal with living in Prague and so on… but then he explained everything clearly, so, yeah… I want to continue in there.

When we  were leaving the room Bella called me and told me another good news(it is still the secret).

Such a day ^_^ ?!

it started with sadness but ended up with 3(or 4) good news 😉

I told you- I’m lucky

Freaking lucky 😀

Now it’s time to have some rest.

Bye Byee



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